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  • Welcome to the Open Peer Research®, it’s a new dimension in publishing. As the name suggests it is the Open Access Journal for all kinds of science. Our offerings to research community are very unique and flexible. Please read on what we can offer and how different we are.
  • Dear Professors, Doctors and Eminent researchers! do you want to see your final draft of the scientific article published online within a short turnover time?
  • Do you want to “publish as you like” and pay for “Open Access” as per your wishes?
  • If yes, “Open Peer Research” (opr360.com) journal and publishers are the right platform for you with several flexible options. Because we believe that different authors world over having diverse requirement, background and grant.
  • What you can do here is, submit your valuable intended final draft of manuscript, get quality checked in 48 hours and publish online as PDF in the form of “First Prints” with a DOI.
  • Further, what you can do is suggest reviewers or we will invite eminent scientists on behalf of you for “Open Peer Review” or “Double Blind Peer Review” (as per author(s) wish) of your “First Prints” published article.
  • All the processes are transparent, online and your manuscript stands a chance to get reviewed without bias.
  • Improved drafts based on the reviewer comments or further suggested investigations can be or will be published as improved latest versions with a Cross Mark® from Cross Ref.
  • As all the research, thoughts and findings must be published. Even if the majority of reviewers do not concur with the findings, we recommend that the article should be online (again as per author(s) wish). It is widely believed that this type of practice preludes reasoning, logic, dialectics and healthy debate of intellectual community providing quick and great solutions.
  • Contrary to the above online publication and Open Peer Review system, authors have a choice or exercise several options as per their wish to have their traditional double or single blind peer review system of their submitted manuscripts. Here we wont publish the article in “First Prints
  • Author can exercise several more options of whether double or single blind peer reviewed comments should be visible along with reviewer’s designation and name or not. Same with Open Peer Reviewed articles too, except that review comments are visible online. However it depends upon authors and reviewers mutual acceptance.
  • Authors can opt for one more traditional option of publishing closed access.Where, title, abstract, author affiliations etc. are visible but PDF and full text files are not visible or accessible but publisher will have the right to give access on pay for an article basis. Whenever author wants his article to be available as “Open Access” appropriate fees has to be paid to the publisher. This is helpful to the authors who don’t want to be appeared online for several reasons. Like, further work is pending for processes like uniqueness, proprietary work or patents.
  • Even if the manuscript gets comments for rejection it is advisable to publish it online to evoke interest among readers and reviewers. However it is up to authors wish to keep it in the “First Prints” section.
  • Open Peer Research (opr360.com) is the first publisher in the world to provide a service to authors for publishing their valuable work quickly and author is at “liberty to publish” the work with no restrictions attached.
  • In a nutshell Open Peer Research (opr360.com) is highly committed to authors who wish to publish the way they want.
  • We welcome more suggestions  from great research minds out there.


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